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Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, MHT

Rayna, the author of "Dolphins! Adventures in Transformation and Healing" from the #1 International Best Seller The Animal Legacies, is your spiritual guide into the magic realms of dolphins. In her talks and playshops she channels and tones high frequency, playful dolphin energy and soulful whale songs. You will open your channels to receive spiritual messages through deep reflection, meditation, emotional and mental clearing of past, present, and future issues. Rayna is a master facilitator attracting just the right people to share your unique experiences in a supportive environment that will transform your life for Good! ¬†Are the dolphins and whales calling you “home”? (See Meet Rayna)

Access your divine guidance and inner wisdom.
Expand and deepen your connections with the cetaceans and other light beings.
Receive profound messages from your Higher Self, the Universe, your Heart and Soul.
Experience powerful processes to heal your body, mind, spirit, emotions, finances, career, and relationship issues easily.
Have fun fulfilling your divine calling & soul's ascension to feel and express deep love, joy, bliss, & inner peace.
Take divine action & manifest your lifelong dreams!
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An Excerpt From Rayna's Exciting Chapter in The Animal Legacies

Dolphins! Adventures in Transformation and Healing
By Rayna Lumbard, LMFT

I'm so excited to share my experiences with amazing wild ocean dolphins and those living in facilities. My introduction to dolphins was through the 1960's TV show Flipper, a very smart and entertaining dolphin that saved or helped his co-starring children save someone from danger. It was easy for children, adolescents and even some grownups who are naturally full of wonder, laughter and love to relate to and develop an emotional connection to this smart, magical dolphin hero. You may be curious about what is so special and magical about dolphins, members of the group of mammals known as cetaceans.

Since the late 1990's there have been more and more opportunities to communicate and swim with dolphins, both in the wild and in captivity. You may be wondering why connecting with the dolphins is such a sought-after experience? Remember how you felt after seeing them entertaining audiences, at an aquarium or even at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas? Just ask people who will pay $200 or more to connect with these amazing creatures!

Dolphins are spiritual teachers assisting humanity in opening their hearts and elevating their consciousness. Being in somewhat close physical contact with them and even thinking about them transports many people out of their usual 3rd or 4th dimensional worlds of ego-driven negative, dark energy forces and polarities like right/wrong and good/bad. Dolphins create energy fields that invite us to experience a higher vibration or spiritual plane, the 5th dimension of higher wisdom, of pure light where true unconditional love, joy, and compassion replace blame, hurt, and judgment, and violence. They remind us that living with fear is a choice that dissolves in this higher energy the more we become aware of what positive, magical Beings we humans truly are. When I feel their sonar, uplifting energy, and playfulness, I connect with my own Higher Self and playful nature that is naturally intuitive and peacefully powerful.

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